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GeneExpression Systems of USA and University of Cambridge of UK
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Jointly Presents

MicroRNAs & Single Molecule Biology Genome Editing Europe - 2014 Symposia

Ninth International
MicroRNAs & NonCoding RNAs Europe 2014 Meeting
MicroRNAs/NcRNAs: Biology to Development and Disease

Third International
Single Molecule & Genome Engineering/Editing Europe 2014 Meeting
Single Molecule Analysis to Nuclease Technologies

November 3 - 4, 2014

Venue: Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

A Unique Theme Conference & Exhibition in the MicroRNomics & Single Cell Detection

Meeting Place:

The Venue Peterhouse (middle) is the oldest College of the University of Cambridge, founded in 1284 and an institution dedicated to education and research. Throughout its history, Petreans have been at the heart of the political, social and religious controversies that have shaped today’s society. Some of the influential Petreans include: Henry Cavendish, Lord Kelvin, Sir Frank Whittle and Christopher Cockerill, and Nobel Laureates – Sir John Kendrew, Sir Aaron Klug, Archer Martin and Max Perutz , who gave a twentieth century lead in the field of Molecular Biology. Since many centuries it remained as a hub for innovation and successive generations of the brightest young people around the world.

Why do you wait to join for an intellectual gathering in the ‘microRNomics’ & 'Single Moleclue Biology' & 'Genome Editing' arenas at the prestigious college Peterhouse in the Premier University campus!

Expected Maximum Capacity:
Target Audience 100
Total Speaker Presentations: 30
Total Poster Presentations: 10
Total Exhibit Booths: 5

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MonMonday, November 3, 2014
8:00A.M: Registration Open 
8.45 AM – 6.30 PM Scientific Sessions 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
8:00A.M: Registration Open 
9.00 AM – 6.00 PM Scientific Sessions

Scientific Organizer:

Krishnarao Appasani, PhD., MBA
Founder & CEO
GeneExpression Systems, Inc
Waltham, MA USA

Key Sessions:

MicroRNAs & NonCoding RNAs Europe 2014 Meeting

SMB Biology & Genome Editing Europe 2014 Meeting

  • MicroRNAs &NcRNAs Discovery and Biogenesis
  • MicroRNAs &NcRNAs in Development
  • Bioinformatics of MicroRNAs & Long NcRNAs
  • MicroRNAs &NcRNAs in Stem Cell Biology
  • MicroRNAs &NcRNAs-mediated Epigenetic Regulation
  • MicroRNAs &NcRNAs in Disease Biology
  • MicroRNAs &NcRNAs in Metabolic & Cardiovascular systems
  • MicroRNAs &NcRNAs in Cancer Biology
  • MicroRNAs in Virology & Diagnostics
  • Therapeutic Applications of MicroRNAs &NcRNAs
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy & Correlation Microscopy
  • Single Molecule Genomics & HT Biology, Screenings
  • Atomic (Single Molecule) Force Microscopy
  • High Throughput Biology & Content Screenings
  • Fluorescence of proteins and genes in Living cells
  • Biology, Design and Delivery of Nucleases (ZFNs & TALENs)
  • RNA-guided genome engineering/editing with Cas9/CRISPRs
  • High throughput genome editing & Therapeutic applications
  • Generation of ZFN/TALEN-mediated knockout animals and cell lines
  • Engineering Genomes & Organelle using Synthetic Biology

Keynote Speakers:

René F. Ketting, PhD.
Professor & Scientific Director          
Institute of Molecular Biology GmbH 
University of Mainz
Mainz, Germany
Title: Priming the next generation with small RNAs
William C. Skarnes, PhD.
Senior Group Leader
Sanger Institute-Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Hinxton, Cambridge, UK
Title: High-throughput bi-allelic targeting of human iPS cells using CRISPR technology
Hagan Bayley, PhD.             
Professor of Chemical Biology & Chemistry
Fellow of Hertford College
University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom
Title: Polymers through pores: single-molecule experiments with nucleic acids, polypeptides and polysaccharides
Johnathan Lai, PhD.
Senior Research Scientist                                         
Exiqon Life Sciences, Exiqon A/S
Vedbaek, Denmark 
Title: Effective and long lasting KD of nuclear retained lncRNA in a broad range of mouse tissues achieved with single stranded LNA enhanced antisense oligonucleotides

Other Speakers:

Micro & NonCoding RNAs SMB Biology & Genome Editing
Michaela Frye, PhD.
CR-UK Senior Fellow
Wellcome Trust – MRC Stem Cell Institute
Cambridge, UK
Title: Small RNAs regulation and epigenetic modifications in homeostasis and cancer
Steven F. Lee, PhD.
Royal Society Research Fellow in Chemistry
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK
Title: Single molecule analysis with super resolution imaging
Jan Oxholm Gordeladze, PhD.
Professor of Biochemistry
University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway
Title: Epigentic factors involved in the “mineralizing/demineralizing” capability of cell phenotypes: Histone deacetylases (HDACs/Sirts), transcription factors (TFs), microRNAs, and vitamin K2 (MK-7/MK-4)
Katsuyuki Shiroguchi, PhD.
Lab Leader &Principle Investigator
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
Tsurumi-ku Yokohama Kanagawa,Japan
Title: Accurate system-wide gene expression analysis with single molecule resolution by using molecular barcoding
Peter Leedman, PhD.
Professor & Director Designate
Harry Perkins Inst. of Medical Research
Nedlands, Australia
Title:miR-7: a potent tumor suppressor and candidate for replacement therapy
Lorenz A. Fenk, PhD Student                     
Cell Biology/Dr. Mario de Bono’s Lab
MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Cambridge, UK
Title: Ctrl+Alt+Delete: editing the genome of a worm
Daniela Taverna, PhD.
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
University of Turin 
Torino, Italy
Title: miR-214 in melanoma progression
Satoshi Habuchi, PhD.
Associate Professor
Biological, Environmental & Engineering
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Thuwal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Title: Multi-parametric analysis of single-molecule diffusion and conformational dynamics
Gracjan Michlewski PhD.
MRC Career Development Award Fellow
TheWellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Title: Lin28a regulates neuronal differentiation and controls miR-9 production
Gerald Schwank, PhD.
Researcher at Hubrecht Institute, TheNetherlands
& Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Title: Genome editing by CRISPR/Cas9 in intestinal stem cell organoids
Stefan Erkeland, PhD.
Assistant Professor of Hematology
Erasmus University Medical Center
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Title: Deregulation of miR-139-3p and miR-199a-3p drives leukemic transformation of interstrand cross-link induced bone marrow failure
Takuma Sugi, PhD.                                                  
Assistant Professor & JST PRESTO Researcher
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
Title: Regulation of gene expression and behavior by genome editing technology in C. elegans
Stephen G. Maher, PhD.
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
University of Hull, Hull, United Kingdom 
&Adjunct Associate Professorof Surgery 
Trinity College Dublin-St. James’ Hospital, Ireland
Title: MicroRNA mediated regulation of sensitivity to chemoradiotherapy in oesophageal adenocarcinoma
Morten Frodin, PhD.
Professor & Group Leader
Biotech Research & Innovation Center
University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Title: High-efficiency genome editing by combining FACS with 2A-coupling of fluorescent proteins to ZFNs or Cas9
  Guy Wheeler, PhD.
Senior Research Associate
University of East Anglia
Norwich, UK
Title: The function of microRNA-140 in cartilage development and osteoarthritis
David Suter, MD, PhD.
SNSF Assistant Professor of Bioengineering
EcolePolytechniqueFederale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Title: Transcription at the single cell level
Cecilia Mannironi, PhD.
CNR-Institute of Molecular Biology & Pathology
SapienzaUniversity of Rome
Rome, Italy
Title: miR-135a and miR-124 in Stress Response
Laszlo Puskas, PhD., DSc.             
Chief Executive Officer
Avidin Biotechnology Ltd. Szeged, Hungary &
Professor of Genetics
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary
Title: Digital PCR to determine the number of transcripts from single neurons after patch-clamp recording
Nicola Valeri, MD., PhD.
Team Leader in Molecular Pathology
The Institute of Cancer Research Belmont, Sutton Surrey, United Kingdom 
Title: Role of miR-135 b in the cancer progression
Holger Erfle, PhD.
Head of ViroQuant-CellNetworks                  
University of Heidelberg-Bioquant
Heidelberg, Germany
Title: High throughput screenings at single molecule level
Bassam Badran, PhD.
Professor of Biochemistry                             
Faculty of Sciences-Lebanese University
Hadath Beirut, Lebanon
Title: Role of microRNAs in the expression of the human IL-21
Pétur O. Heidarsson, PhD.                         
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Title:Calcium-dependent folding and misfolding pathways in a neuronal calcium sensor
Xavier Loyer, PhD.
Researcher in Atherosclerosis Markers Team
University of Paris Descartes
Paris, France
Title: Inhibition of microRNA-92a prevents endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis in mice
Andrea Soranno, PhD.
Postdoctoral Fellow in Biochemistry
University of Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland
Title: Probing the polymer properties of intrinsically disordered proteins with single-molecule spectroscopy
Aida Martinez-Sanchez, PhD.                    
Research Associate in Medicine
Division of Diabetes, Endrocrinology&Metabolism
Imperial College
London, United Kingdom
Title: Role of miRNAs in the articular chondrocyte: new insights into miR-145 function
  Yasutaka Mizoro, PhD.
Assistant Professor
CiRA, Kyoto University
Kyoto, Japan
Title: Transcriptome analysis of iPS cells and differentiation cells using single cell RNA sequencing
Blanche Schroen, PhD.
Researcher in Center for Heart Failure Research
CARIM School for Cardiovascular Diseases
Maastricht University
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Title: Cardiac immune activation in heart failure – a causative role for the pro-inflammatory microRNA-155
Beata Klejevskaja, PhD Student
Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
National Heart and Lung Institute
Imperial College London
London, UK
Title: Single molecule FRET studies of G-quadruplex structure formed in DNA mini-circles
Oluf Dimitri Røe, MD., PhD.
SykehusetLevanger Cancer Hospital
Levanger, Norway &Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Trondheim, Norway
Title: Early diagnosis of lung cancer and mesothelioma by microRNA-where are we?
Radislav Sedlacek, PhD.
Associate Professor
Czech Centre for Phenogenomics
Institute of Molecular Genetics ASCR, v. v. i
Praha, Czech Republic
Title: Use of TALENs and CRISPR editing tools for generating transgenic animals
Jennifer Winter, PhD.
Group Leader in Inst. of Human Genetics
University Medical Centre Mainz
Title: miR-379-410 cluster regulation in neurogenesis and neuronal migration
Mark C. Leake, PhD.
Professor & Director 
Biological Physical Sciences Institute
University of York, York, UK
Title: Probing DNA interactions with proteins at the single-molecule level in cellulo, in vitro, and in silico
Agnieszka Podolska, PhD.
Postdoctoral Scientist
BRIC-University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Title: miRNA expression and function in C. elegans
Hannu Myllykallio, PhD.
Research Director
Palaiseau, France
Title: Structural and cellular dynamics of archaeal nucleases
Hussein Fayyad-Kazan, PhD. 
Researcher inExperimental Hematology
Jules Bordet Institute-Universitélibre de Bruxelles
Bruxelles, Belgium
Title: A microRNA profile of human CD8 positive regulatory T lymphocytes and characterization of the effects of microRNAs on Treg cell associated genes
Nikos Hatzakis, PhD.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Nano-Science Center, University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Title: The art of understanding structure function correlations of membrane related enzymes by observing one molecule at a time
Sofie Sølvsten Sørensen, MD., PhD. Student
Nordsjællands Hospital
Copenhagen University Hospital
Hillerød, Denmark
Title: miRNA expression profiles as diagnostic biomarkers of acute ischemic stroke
Sergio Garcia-Manyes, PhD.
Lecturer of Physics & EPSRC Fellow
Kings College London Strand Campus
London, UK
Title: Mechanical protein folding at the single molecule level
Karin Ekström, PhD.                                   
Researcher in Biomaterials
University of Gothenburg
Göteborg, Sweden
Title: Extracellular miRNA, exosomes and cell-cell communication
Victoria Birkedal, PhD.                                
Assistant Professor of Single Molecule Biophysics
INano Center-Aarhus University
Aarhus, Denmark
Title: Structural dynamics of nucleic acids studied by single molecule FRET
Li Zeng, PhD.
Principle Investigator
Neural Stem Cell Research Lab
National Neuroscience Institute
Title: Deciphering function and regulation of miRNA in neural differentiation in the developing cerebral cortex
Timothy Craggs, PhD.
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Physics
University of Oxford-Clarendon Labs
Oxford, UK
Title: Single-molecule FRET for dynamic structural biology: DNA Polymerase I structure and mechanism with angstrom precision
Amy Lewis, PhD.
Post-doctoral Researcher 
Barts and The London Medical School
Queen Mary College, London University
London, UK
Title: Extracellular microRNAs in stricturing Crohn’s disease
Tudor A. Fulga, PhD.
Associate Professor of Genome Biology                                            
Institute of Molecular Medicine
University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Title: Deciphering miRNA-target regulation by site-specific genome engineering
Dr. Rodrigo M. Maza
Researcher in Experimental Neurology Unit
Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos
Toledo, Spain
Title: MicroRNAs in the pathophysiology and treatment of the spinal cord injury
Yueng Tchern Lenn, PhD.
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Biological & Chemical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
London, UK
Title: Organization of energy production in bacterial cells
Claudia Piovan, PhD.
Researcher in Experimental Oncology
Foundazione IRCCS InstitutoNazionaledeiTumori
Milan, Italy
Title: Involvement of microRNAs in HER2-driven breast cancer.
Rodolphe Marie, PhD.
Associate Professor of Micro & Nanotechnology
Technical University of Denmark
2800 KongensLyngby, Denmark
Title: Mapping single DNA molecules to the human genome in a nanofluidicdevice
  Anke Nijhuis, PhD Student
Barts and The London Medical School
Queen Mary College, London University
London, UK
Title: MicroRNAs expression profiling of colorectal cancer tissue and cell lines in low oxygen tension
Gautam V. Soni, PhD.                                 
Associate Professor
Raman Research Institute
Title: Measuring physical properties of nucleosomes, one molecule at a time
Juliane Braun, PhD.
Researcher at Inst. of Molecular Medicine
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Halle, Germany
Title: Rapid and comprehensive identification of regulatory microRNAs by miTRAP
Joon Won Park, PhD.
Head & Professor of Chemistry
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
Pohang. Gyeongbuk, Korea
Title: Reading Single DNA Bases with Atomic Force Microscopy and Detecting a DNA Biomarker of a Few Copies without Amplification
Hongbin Zhang, PhD.                                  
Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen N, Denmark
Title: microRNA regulation of brown adipogenesis
Carlos P. Fitzsimons, PhD.
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Title: From microRNA profiling to target regulation by cooperative microRNA action. Lessons learned from an experimental model of epilepsys
Victor X. Jin, PhD.
Dept of Molecular Medicine
University of Texas Health Sciences Center
San Antonio, TX, USA
MicroRNA-31 predicts the presence of lymph node metastases and survival in lung adenocarcinoma patients
Steffen Panzner, PhD.                                 
Managing Director
Lipocalyx GmbH
Halle, Germany
Title:Transfection: Viral and Synthetic Techniques Converge; High-Tech Polymers Leveraging Viral Biophysics Can Enhance the Transfection of Nucleic Acids

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